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Generation One, phase 1 & 2 –  2017
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a movement of hope … one artist at a time

A social platform uniquely designed to combine specific industries within one integrative multimedia platform. The sole objective of EBN is to offer proactive support in the promotion, distribution of merchandise, and sales of artistic goods. EBN’s mission is to bring the world closer together by showcasing our shared humanity through arts and philanthropy using the old-school style of promotions, glamor and social networking that fulfills dreams.

Beauty • Fashion • Luxury Lifestyle • Entertainment Industry •Music • Photography • Red Carpet Production
Event Creation and Promotion • Fitness and Wellness Professionals • Charitable Organizations & Humanitarian Causes


Powered and Presented by EBBP Productions: The vision of one suburban grandmother to develop the ultimate assistance to artists, their industry, and their audiences.


In the Fall of 2017, after three years of live brand development on the world stage, Ellie Brown will launch her grand vision – Generation One, Phase 1 and 2 – EllieB.Network (EBN) – User-free multimedia platform. Over 12,000 test-marketing hours, a million posts, and the successful promotion of thousands of brands and talent has given the EllieB brand unparalleled insight. This knowledge resolves the needs and wants of the targeted industries of beauty, fashion, luxury, entertainment, exercise/health, and charities. Verified EBN members will have access to an integrative social media network that is unique, substantive, and wonderfully powerful. In fact, It is a game-changing promotional network that will level the playing field and bring excitement to audiences around the globe.

Worldwide talent, brand owners, and entrepreneurs are receiving a monumental gift designed with ingenuity and forward-thinking savvy. Under the EllieB brand, there are opportunities for connection, collaboration, and self-promotion that is essential and critical to success. Meanwhile, each member will have an exclusive advantage for EllieB custom promotions within the network as well as to outside-of-network media entities. Additionally, EllieB.Store will host downloads of: music, video, photography, and books.



EllieB.Network (EBN) Portal Entry

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EllieB Network (EBN)

EllieB Network (EBN) is focused on becoming the leading integrated media and news distribution and promotion network