EllieB Block Party Show

EllieB Block Party Show

The EllieB Block Party Show

Entertainment Industry Game Changer from an All-American Suburban Grandmother

EllieB Block Party Show is a return to 70s the classic television variety show in the style of Burnett, Carson and Griffin that includes all genres of talent, from emerging to iconic. It’s a sketch two-segment comedy that includes recurring guest speakers, global travel and interviews with leaders, dignitaries, trendsetters, talent of all genres, and world-class bands. The show is now in pre-production.


The EllieB Block Party Show



• 6PackGrammie • DiscoDoll • EllieB Spy Girl • TheDivas4Charity
• Ellie Oakley • Maggie the Diner Waitress • Dr. Evil Ellie
• EllieHood & her Band of Brothers




  • We are the game-changers, the legacy-makers for our children’s children & the hope for millions of artists worldwide.
  • We are the Switzerland of the Hood! No politics, religion, disrespect to women, exploitation of children,
    or advocacy of inflaming cultural or geopolitical issues.
  • We are here to realign the balance of artistic endeavor with the determination to return to 70s style improve comedy.
  • We are here to bring classy back while feeding a starving audience a huge bucket full of belly chuckles.
  • Above all, The EllieB Block Party Show will entertain all ages with a show that leaves the audience begging for more.”


EllieB Block Party Show – a return to great variety show television

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The EllieB Block Party TV Show

EllieB Block Party Show ..this era’s Burnett