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About Ellie Brown


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Generation One, Phase 1 & 2 – Fall Launch 2017
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About Ellie Brown EllieB

“We are not a competitor; rather, we are a supporter. It’s a global block party filled with positive, inspiring, humorous and creative talent. It is a movement of hope .. one artist at a time.” Ellie Brown


She walks across the stage; her million-dollar smile transmits radiance to the audience. Under the lights, her auburn hair glistens and her dress sparkles. She walks up to the mic, and in a voice of strength, welcomes everyone to the block party show. EllieB’s presentation has an authenticity reminiscent of Old Hollywood. The stage is her home and the audience is her family. But, who is she? She is EllieB; founder and designer of EllieB.Network (EBN).

EllieB’s passion, talent, and creativity led to the vision and development of EllieB.Network. A needed healthy lifestyle has sculpted her physique into the fun character, 6packgrammie. And, in 2014, while at the gym, her friends encouraged her to pose for a fitness photo shoot. She hesitated. Even her kids rarely saw her in a swimsuit, let alone a bikini! But there she was at the age of 50, in a photography studio. Pushing herself out of her comfort zone, she produced an epic photo shoot of hilarious characters. The photos and humorous messages posted on social media went viral. One Facebook page became twenty. For three years, she has promoted thousands of talent to succeed.

Merv Griffin, one of the greats of broadcasting and interviewing, was her mentor. Besides EllieB.Network, a lifelong dream is coming true. As Executive Producer and Host, The EllieB Block Party Show is now in pre-production. The show is a return to 70s-style television variety show. It is reminiscent of classic television such as Burnett, Carson, and Griffin. The show is sketch comedy, interview segments, and musical productions. No doubt, the audience will embrace adored celebrity guests and a world-class band. With great excitement, EBN plans on producing and hosting its own television show!

EBN is a social platform uniquely designed to combine specific industries within one integrative multimedia network. It offers public relations support, distribution of merchandise, and sales of artistic goods.  The EllieB brand will showcase our shared humanity through creativity. Old-school style audience capture and classic Hollywood glamor combine with innovative social networking.

A gift, a legacy, and a movement of hope…one artist at a time.
Yes, the EllieB brand is a movement of hope.
EllieB loves her home on the glitzy stage. But, her greatest passion and calling is to help others reach their dreams. After all, she is everyone’s biggest fan!